Giggling Girls

My Daughter has her best friend over for a sleepover. They don’t get to see each other a huge amount as they are not school friends. They are both Pony Club girls, so they ride together a few times a week. As I sat watching the TV by myself last night all I could hear upstairs was giggling. There gets a point where the sound of their laughter starts to make me laugh. They know the rules here, I don’t care what time they go to sleep as long as they don’t keep me awake. By 11.30pm they were both crashed out.

I can remember being that giggly as a child, when i’d get together with my friends and we would laugh and laugh. You didn’t need a glass of wine to make you funny. We’d laugh about nothing at all, just silliness. Everyone needs more silliness in their lives.

It makes me so happy to hear them laughing. To know this one small thing (letting her friends stay over) is one of the biggest things I can do to make my daughter happy.

You’re very lucky if you have that kind of openness once you’ve grown up. You spend such a significant amount of your day with your work colleagues and more often then not you just tolerate them. I had my hair cut of Friday, I love going to Ruth and Laura’s in the next village. They are such good friends and the banter they have is hilarious. While both are trained barbers, Ruth also does ladies hair. The pair of them tease and wind up the customers, everyone has a great time. The jokes they share would make a docker blush. But they can do this because they are excellent at their jobs. They have a supreme confidence in their abilities that allows them to not take themselves seriously.

I believe its a really healthy thing for a child to make close friendships outside of school. When we moved a couple of years ago, my daughter lost contact with pretty much all her old school friends. She wasn’t fazed by this as she had her core best friends to fall back on. When asked to list her best friends, they are all external from school. All ones she shares common interests with, be that horses or anime.

I’m hoping it will stand her in good stead once she starts High School in September. There are no other children from her current school going there. ( The joys of going to school in the next village over) Once she’s settled I know she’ll find friends with common interests, it’s just getting to that point that is going to be hard. There’s a small nagging doubt in the back of my head that she’s easy pray for bullies if she’s not already in a friendship group. We’re working out a plan of action to try and find her some friends more local to us. Although we live here, all our social life is in the village where she goes to school.

At least I know she has her close knit group of friends to fall back on, I’ll just make sure she has lots of sleepovers planned once school starts.

I can hear they’ve started giggling again.



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