13 Reasons Why Challenge

After reading Virtual Vomit’s 13 Reasons Why Challenge, to list 13 reasons you are happy, here’s mine (Not in any particular order, except number one, obviously). I can’t think of anything more in keeping with my blog!

#1. My daughter – Needs no explanation really. I’m blessed with a kind, intelligent, thoughtful, hard working daughter. She’s a joy to spend time with. My best friend.

#2. My Friends – I don’t have a huge family (and none less then 2 hours away), so my friends have become my family. They have supported me through my treatment and I owe them not only my life, but also my sanity.

#3. My Pets – As with my friends, I guess my pets are my substitute family. There’s no better ways to shake off a fug then grooming a horse or cuddling up with a cat.

#4. My Job – I’ve always felt that I have been incredibly lucky with my career. I had some increadible good fortune early on and people took chances on me the they probably wouldn’t do these days, given the changes in the industry. Looking back I can see why they took that chance, I love what I do and I work hard and I don’t have a huge designer ego that needs massaging. This carries across to my volunteer work, you need a class coaching or a website designed, yeah great. The bathrooms need cleaning and the windows washing sure, where’s the cloth?

#5. My Home – I love where we live. It’s not just the house. It’s the village. I love the quiet, the relaxedness, the sense of stillness. The house we are in is rented, so I’ve never felt 100% at home like I did in my old house. Well I did at the start, in that house. The neighbours kids grew up and turned from cheeky monkeys to nightmare drug dealers. I was stuck next to a group of teens who thought they were above the law and everyone else in the neighbourhood. Every weekend would be endless parties. If I complained the music would go up louder or we would be threatened. I couldn’t go out in my garden without their dogs trying to breakdown the fence to get at us. If I hung washing out on the line, I’d have to rewash it to get rid of the smell of skunk from our clothes. There were attempted murders and weapons raids on cars outside. It was hell.

#6. My Health – Before the operation, this was being neglected. I’d stopped getting exercise and wasn’t eating properly. This has changed drastically. I can’t believe how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. Seriously, if you’re feeling flat, shake this area of your life up.

#7. My Car – Hopefully this isn’t as materialistic as it sounds. For 14 years I have owned the car of my dreams, a Series 1 Lotus Elise. As strange as it sounds it really changed my life. I had no idea when I got her that she came with a social life! Through owning the car I have met people and made friends with folks I would never normally come into contact with. Series one owners are a special breed. We tend to have the same sense of humour and outlook to life, eternal optimists. I put this down the being the only type of people able to withstand the eccentricities of owning such a car.

#8. My Family – I would love to live around the corner from my nephew, have him constantly around for dinner, help him out more then I do. My daughter and her cousin have a very special bond. Even with a 15 year gap, they are as close as can be. I look forward to our special days out in London. My brother get on great when we are together, but I’m glad we are not in each others pockets. Our outlooks in life are very different, but I know he’s there if I really need him.

#9. My Boyfriend – Like everyone we have our ups and downs. We came very close to splitting up earlier this year. However both of us agree we have something special together and it would be a huge shame to throw it away without giving it every effort we can. We’ve taken a step back and have started ‘dating’ again. Neither of us have much money to spare at the moment and I have to be home to put my daughter to bed. So we are basically dating like 15 year old. Cheap nights out to the cinema ( not that cheap these days – Hurrah for Empire cinemas) picnics and walks. I’m home by 9pm and it gives us the chance to spend quality time together. We rushed into it a bit when we first met, so this lovely step back is giving us a chance to do this step that we missed last time.

#10. My Space – I make space for myself now. Being a single mum is hard work, there’s always jobs that need doing. Being house bound for 6 weeks after my operation, I learnt to spend time doing things just for me. I take time to read a book, to become inspired, to relax. This blog is part of my space. (yes I know this isn’t exactly doing nothing) But it gives me a way to process my thoughts, to express my emotions. I guess I’m using it as a pensieve, like Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter novels.

#11. My Volunteering – The stables is my safe place. Where I can go and switch off from my worries. I adore spending time with the kids and animals. We have a very lucky mix there, no bitching or back stabbing, which is common in the equine world. The team pull together and support each other. And there’s baby goats… who could ask for more?

#12. My Hair – Not vanity! My hair is how I express myself ( god how up my own arse does that sound!) I love to colour it, although I’m just a basic blonde at the moment, the last colour was a ombre effect electric to turquoise blue, with blonde roots. Next I’m planning on going coral pink to wine.

#13. My Smile – All my life I’ve been told I have a lovely smile. In my younger days I convinced myself that was because people couldn’t tell me I was beautiful or pretty, because I wasn’t. I’m a lot more confident about how I look now. I can’t say I don’t have self esteem issues, but they’re definitely much better. I can thank my boyfriend for this. He’s the only man I’ve been with who hasn’t tried to change me, who likes me (op)scars and all. (which is another reason I think he’s worth holding on to) I think people told me I had a lovely smile, because I didn’t used to smile enough. So when I did it was a pleasant change, I guess I have resting bitch face…

I’ll make sure I do a lot more of number 13!







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