All dressed up and no where to run!

Even though I’ve not quite shaken off this cold I’ve had for 3 weeks, I’d promised myself I was going for a run today. Once the school pick up and work were finished for the day I thought I’d knock up dinner and then head out for my first gentle session. Just as I’d finished tying up my laces, I glanced out the window to discover a sky that looked like I should be on the look out for four horsemen. Hhhmmm this is not good, bailing out on your first run? I’ve never shied away from running in the rain in the past, in fact I enjoy it, but I’m not sure my first run post operation and straight off the back of a cold and chest infection would be the best idea I’ve ever had.

I was so psyched up for this run, I couldn’t let it go to waste. before I had my daughter I religiously attended Body Combat classes, which I loved. So I improvised and found a youtube Les Mills taster video of 20 minutes of Body Combat followed by a 10 minute work out pilates video. ( I also used to do pilates twice a week) Not the workout I’d planned, but still a good bit and strength and cardio followed by a spot of work on my core, posture and mobility.

It was a small first step, but a great one. Being cooped up and immobile for so long has not been great for my physical or mental well being. I surprised myself how well I could keep up, but I know I’m going to pay for it tomorrow!


Sometimes things don’t work out how you planned, but you have to go with the flow.

After a dinner of sweat potato and turkey cottage pie with ratatouille (I’ll pop my recipe up soon), my daughter helped me with the washing up. She started singing ‘lost boys’ by Ruth B. of course I’m bias, but she has a fabulous voice. We then had a sing along while we dried and put away, we’d (I) murdered a few Ed Sheeran sings by the time we’d finished.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but we both seem a lot happier at the moment. One week into my healthier eating and I already have lots more energy and that’s making the chores, well, less of a chore!

I’m not so sure the neighbours needed to hear us yelling at the tops of our voices…

‘He wears sunglasses, indoors, in winter, at night time”

Thanks Ed.


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