I’m Thankful For My Four And Two Legged Family

image.jpegOur Saturdays are normally spent at the stables and today was no exception. The team had a brainstorming session about running themed kids birthday parties. We worked out some pretty cool themes and packages, costed them up and now I have to sit and design some posters and invites for them. I love that I can bring my creative side to something that isn’t my day job. The party days should be lots of fun. I get so much joy out of seeing kids around animals, especially when it’s not something they encounter everyday.

The stables make both my daughter and I extremely happy. The people there are my family. Both of our lives are so much richer because of the funny, warm and supportive people who make up the team. Somehow I have taken on the role of team mum. I don’t know when I slipped from being the young whippersnapper to the ‘most adulty adult’! I’m not sure I like it. I was so happy to tick a big life box and do my first aid training with them a year ago, but I think that really does qualify me as a full blown adult. Luckily Courtney is there on a Saturday and even though she’s 20 years younger then me, she’s a teacher. As far as I’m concerned that nullifies all my claims at being the resident grown up.

We had two new residents move in this week. Pebbles and Bam Bam the baby goats. Pebbles (the smaller one) is 10 weeks old and Bam Bam 13 weeks. They’re not 100% sure about us humans yet, but we’ve found Pebbles favourite spot to be scratched and I even got groomed back. I never knew a goat had a rough tongue like a cat. You learn something new everyday.

Echo’s Equestrian Centre really is a big item on my list of things to be thankful for, It’s a place to lose yourself in friendship, fun and a bit of hard work. If you are looking for something truly rewarding to do with your spare time, volunteering at a local riding school, urban farm or animal rescue centre is a great way to help your community, make new friends and get a bit of exercise! There’s always something funny happening when there’s kids and/or animals involved…

…and it’s not everyday you can say you’ve been goat licked!


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